Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Filipinos on death row in China

The three Filipinos sentenced to death by lethal injection in China for drug smuggling were executed late this morning. Sally Ordinario-Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain were caught to carry heroin in their suitcases as they entered China.

Now I can't help but question how did these people able to leave the country with 4-6kls., of illegal drugs undetected? As I remember,when I had the chance to visit Japan I went through a series of check-in procedures at Ninoy Aquino International Airport that includes inspecting my luggage with those X-ray scanners all over the port. I had to leave my nail cutter and pusher behind because I wasn't allowed to keep it even inside my hand-carry bag.

Many of our fellows are now on trial all over the world for possessing banned drugs, some are already been sentenced and now hoping for clemency. They were victimized by illegal recruiters and is used by these drug syndicates to smuggle illegal drugs.

Though they say that the Government is now working on saving the lives of Filipinos on death row worldwide, I think that if they refine and strengthen the laws against drug traffickers and drug lords, and be serious and firm on implementing these laws just like China, perhaps it can help prevent such mournful event from happening.

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